Friday, 14 February 2014

And awayyyyyy we go (Commitment)

Matthew 8:18-22

Sometimes people just don't quite realise what they are getting themselves into.... I feel so sorry for this lady in pink. She looks absolutely petrified. I can only imagine what she is thinking right now.

I will be honest thought, I'm very impressed at the same time. I could not do something like this. My fear of being up high wouldn't even let me think about doing something like this. In short, well done for sticking too it lady in pink.
For those of you that have read the title or the scripture you will know where this blog post is headed. 
If you start something, finish it!

From the beginning of the scriptures, God has been giving rules for his children to live by. Theses commandments weren't always easy to live by, in fact in some cases they were incredibly difficult to live. In the law of Moses part of keeping the Sabbath holy was not working on each 7th day and also every 7th year as-well. Can you imagine how hard they would have been to work  the rest of the time to be able to get enough food to live for a whole year? Why did they live that way? Because they knew that they could trust God and they were committed to following him.

I can be just as difficult following God commandment for us today, sometimes we just don't want to "love our neighbours as ourselves" (Matthew 22:39) but that is the command God has given us for our benefit. As we are committed to following God as best we can we will receive the blessings he wants to give us but only if we are committed.

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