Thursday, 24 April 2014

The 10 "really good suggestions"

Exodus 20:3-17 "The 10 commandments" 

"Don't wear your muddy shoes around the house"
"Don't run with scissors
"Go and clean your room"

How many time have we heard these phrases from our parents? Parents how many times have we said these to our kids? 
And as much as people nag and yell and kick and scream how often does it get done?

People every day are telling people; things they should do, things they better do, thing they should never do in their lives. Why is this such a common thing?
Lets look at it from, the other side of things I'm willing to bet a lot of you remember the story of Pinocchio. "If not I would highly recommend looking at it"

Pinocchio is spending his time trying to become a real boy and eventually ends up on an island where there are no rules, and in case you haven't seen the film the picture on the left gives a good idea of what happened without giving any spoilers.

The reason rules are there are for protection, when people tell you to do something 99% of the time its because they are trying to look out for you. I feel that's not just something that we have made up on earth but something the God has know about for a long long time. This is why whenever you read the scriptures you will find very quickly find God or one of the prophets giving commands to the people.

The same thing applies today, God is still giving commands for the same reasons but for a lot of people they have taken an attitude more like this:

This will not give us all that God wants us to give and we will very easily fall into the traps that God has waned us about.

How do you and I fair up. Are we people that try to keep all the commands of God or do we pick and chose or edit God commands to suit us better?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

"lovest thou me? Feed my lambs"

John 14:15
"If ye love me keep my commandments"

How much did this man love the Savior; who he called good master?
Enough to keep the 10 commandment? 
Enough to follow Christ as a disciple?
Enough to give up all that he has for God?

 This man loved Christ enough to keep his basic commands and follow him, but he loved the wealth and riches more. 

How about us? Do we "sell all that thou hast, and come and follow me"?
 or do we let things that we have or like stop us from giving our all to Christ? 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The man behind the script (how to use scripture)

Romans 15:4

Now first and foremost I will apologise for not blogging the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately even as the lord servant we are not immune to illnesses (which is a shame, I would really love that)

But!!! This week I'm up and running so here is the new blog.

The idea behind today's blog is films in theatres. Just think about all the films that you have seen in the past; the good ones, the bad ones, and the just plain awful ones. What made the difference between them? Was it that actors didn't do a very good job? was it that the camera was shaky at times? Or was it maybe that it took forever to get the story going?

Each of these different films started out as the same thing. There would be a single person or a group of people coming together to write a script. It usually takes a long time and a lot of writing and re-writing for the authors to make the script give exactly what they want it to give to the audience. Then after they have perfected the script they give it to someone to direct the film. 

Can you imagine how a scriptwriter would feel to have put his work in the hands of someone, only to have them only half heartedly start filming it. That poor writer would be destroyed, all his work and effort, all that he had tried to achieve would have been lost, because the person reading his script too it lightly. 

Here comes the comparison. How much work did Jesus Christ put in to give us the scriptures we have? Do we give it the respect and credit that's it's due, or are we like the half-hearted film director, liking what we see and giving it an attempt but not putting our heart into it. Christ gave more than just his time and his words while he was on the earth, He gave is life and told us how to use that to help us in our own personal lives. This is what the scriptures are all about. The least that we can do for him is put our heart into studying what he has given us.

one day I hope my scriptures look something like this