Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Road to Greatness (Learn from example)

Epistles of paul, your best friend, or your neighbour's dog 
(to list a few)

Interesting "scripture" I gave you this time but I will get around to the "why" behind it soon enough, First things first I want you to take a good look at the cake on the right.

Now I will be honest when I first saw this picture (and every time since to be honest) I have been drooling. This looks like it would taste so good, how do chef manage to make things like this? for that matter how does anyone become good at anything?

Thinking about it probably the first thing than any aspiring chef (or anyone who just loves cooking) would do would be to buy a cookbook, just somthing to start with, then he would work from there. He would read about cooking, watch tv shows about cooking, ask people he knows about cooking, and in his spare time do some cooking himself. Anything and everything could and will be an inspiration to him. 

If someone loves something then they will do everything they can to learn more about it, and they will learn from everything possible. A simple sandwich could be the start of some great delicacy for this young chef.

So now the difficult questions, Do we love our saviour that much? And are we learning about him from everything around us?
When Christ was on the earth he often taught through everyday things, farmers sowing seeds and searching for there sheep. There are so many things to be learned just fro watching the thing around us. The scriptures and the epistles of Paul are a great starting point but the kindness of a friend and the love from a dog can and will teach us so much about our saviour as well.

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