Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sock Monster (Truth vs Rumours)

John 9

I'm sure 99% of the people that will read this blog will have heard of the little sock monsters that live inside peoples washing machines. They come out only when they feel completely safe, usually when everyone in the home is asleep or away from the house. And once they are out they steal every left sock they can find (only the left ones for some reason). They have never been seen by human eyes, never been captured on camera, the only evidence that they exist is the disappearance of socks each and every morning.

Some say that these monsters steal socks to feed their children, and give them the balanced diet they need to grow. Others say that they are hatching an evil scheme, believing that once they collect enough socks they will be have enough power to rule the world. All that we know for sure is that we lose socks every night when we go to sleep.

Stories are pretty incredible things, I love them so much. The problem comes when people try to use these stories without looking at why or how the story as created in the first place. A very good example is the one found in the whole of John chapter 9                                                      

In John 9 there is a person who has been blind from birth, nobody knows why he was born blind but when Jesus saw him he healed the person right there and then, Later on when he tells the Pharisees they ask him over and over again questions about how he was healed and why he was healed, they were trying to find some evidence or make some story so they could accuse Jesus Christ. But love how this man answers them “Whether he be a sinner or no I know not: one thing I know is that, weras I was blind now I see” He doesn't listen to the Pharisees he just bases he judgement of the man named Jesus on what he has seen that man do himself.

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