Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Devil is in the detail, but so is God (Truth)

Ephisians 6:14

Today I will be focusing on "girt you loins about with truth" so to begin with a little history lesson so this makes more sense. Girt is the past tense of gird, girding mean to tie something around your waist, usually a strip of cloth or a rope, kind of like a belt.

Back in christ day they used to wear long robes that went from the neck down to the toes, they were usually very comfortable but when you needed to move in a hurry they restricted you movement a lot. This is where that "belt" came in useful they would use this to hitch up their robes a little, this would give them the maneuverability to run if an emergency happened.

Roman soldiers also used this idea in their armour, their lower halves were usually only covered in a cloth and leather "skirt" (I can't really think of any other way to describe it).This allowed them to use their legs with no limitations, allowing them to be more nimble on the battlefield. They would make up for the lack of armour by using their large shields to guard their legs. (hence why they needed a lot of practise with them)

So hopefully now you understand a little more about how such a small thing can make a big difference. Now the question becomes, "Why did paul compare this to truth?" Or if we go even further, "What is truth?"

Truth is how things; were, are, and will be. Truth doesn't change when new information is found or when it becomes more convenient. For example the Earth has always been round, even in the dark ages when people believed it to be flat.

Here is an riddle that might make it the idea more clear:

A father is taking a road trip with his 12 year old son, when they are both involved in a terrible car accident, both of them are quickly rushed to hospital but the father dies on the journey over there. As soon as the boy enters the hospital its clear that he needs an operation done on him immediately but the surgeon protests saying "I can't operate on him, he's my son"....

How is this possible ?

Highlight the blue box for the answer:
The surgeon was the boy's mother

For those of you that Got the right answer, well done. for those that didn't why not? My guess would be that you made assumptions (believing something to be true) that wasn't right and this limited you thinking.

We all need to be more open to truth (me included). We don't know everything, I'd even go as far as to say we barely know anything. A lot of how we think is based on the assumptions we make based on what others tell us, we all do it and we need to do it to get along with life but we must always be looking for the truth because otherwise we will find ourselves in difficult situations because we went ahead with an assumption we made.

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