Thursday, 14 November 2013

That's today... *panic* (Preparation)

Ephesians 6:15

This blog post starts off with a bit of honesty. How many of you have ever gone into school or work only to realize that that big test or presentation that you have been putting off for the past however long happens to be today? I see a few of you out there looking at your shoes right about now; they must be rally interesting hmm? I hate it when it happens to me. It's just awful, the first thing that goes trough you mind is "Why didn't I do this sooner?" soon followed by "What do I do? what do I do?" constantly going around the inside of your head (just what you need at the time). This is normally the point where people promise themselves "I am never going to do that again, I will prepare
better next time"

Preparation is what sets one empire apart from another, This is especially true in the time Paul wrote about having your "feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace". Theses were the days of the roman empire, battles and wars were expected and a normal way of life, as such the Romans were always
prepared, there were always troops ready to go to war at a moments notice, by that I mean that there were always roman soldiers dressed up in full armor all day every day, just think about how much that would kill your feet, surly this would be a good reason to take off a little armor or even just your shoes. Anyone who has worked as a waiter or waitress will understand a little of what these guys went through even without putting on the however many tons of armor they wore. Yet those soldiers stuck with it, aching feet or no. They knew that if they were caught off guard one day then they would likely not live to see another.

Spiritually we are the same, we are in the midst of a war and we never know when the next attack will be, so wee need to prepare just as them. Just because our feet hurt or studying our scriptures every day is hard and boring doesn't mean that we can keep skipping it. Knowing how Satan works it will be that one week that you have not prayed so much, or maybe not studied the scriptures as well as you should have, that he will strike. Lets not give him any advantage he can take a hold of. When going into war, the more preparations you make the better.


  1. How would you suggest maintaining a very high state of readiness/preparation without risking burn-out or exhaustion?

    1. The best way to prepare is to consistently do the small things that we have been commanded by God to do. A few good example are making sure we are studying his words in the scriptures each day, and also that we are praying to him daily as well.