Friday, 13 December 2013

Kingdom builders (Individual roles)

1 Corinthians 12:28-31

How many of you have seen the Egyptian ruins?
Either as a picture or the lucky ones of you might have seen it in person? I am always amazed at what they where able to accomplish. It is absolutely incredible to see how much time end effort they must have put into building their kingdom; there is just so much detail on everything that they did and they worked so hard to build this place for each of them to live in. Theses people were able to accomplish things that have lasted for thousands of years and I don't know about you guys but I have to ask; HOW ON EARTH DID THEY DO THAT???

To start with they must have had people to quarry all the stone that they used for all these buildings.Once they had that stone they needed people skilled enough to shape the stones to the exact shape and sizes they needed (Very difficult, I know I've tried...) then they would need people to move the stone from the quarries to whatever building they were working on, and they didn't have big vans in those days so this would need a lot of horse and chariots, both of which needed people to take care of them, then for all
 these people need to eat so you need farmers to grow the food; I haven't even mentioned all the people needed to plan, co-ordinate efforts, and quality check the work.... these a lot to be done to build a kingdom, and every part is needed otherwise things start to fall apart. So if this kingdom took this many different workers to build it and make it last a few thousand years; how many workers will it take to build Gods kingdom?

Paul in his letter to the Corinthians (see above scripture) talks about this, "do all have the gift of healing?" Everybody has been given very specific abilities from God for a reason, we have a responsibility too use these gifts the best we can, there is no point being given a Christmas present only to leave it there. Whatever gifts we have been given God will be able to put to good use, just like the chariots are needed to move he stone from the quarry to the build site, just being a friend to a person is just as important as someone to teach Christ's word.

Are we using our talents they way God intended or have we just left them in a corner and neglected them?Or perhaps a better way to put it, Have you helped anyone today by doing what you can no matter how little it seems?

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