Thursday, 24 October 2013

Attack from the wall (Show your faith)

Exodus 28:4
"There was a sudden trumpet that sounded close by. It must have been from the road above. I was a plumber working not too far underground so strange sounds were the norm, I soon learned that there was nothing normal about this one. Over the next few minutes the trumpet go  louder and louder until it was right next to me. Through the wall where I was working bust a roman soldier, the shock of it made me fall off my ladder and hit the floor. I stayed there in terror as that solider was followed by another, this time on horseback, then another 20 ground soldiers."

This is actually a true story of a plumber that worked in York, England. as you can see from the story he instantly recognised these ghostly beings as being the roman military men we that were so famous. not because of the trumpet they blew or because they rode on horseback but because of the 
Armour they were wearing

This is the focal point of my blog today, the Breastplate of Righteousness. Just about everyone knows that the main purpose of the breastplate is to protect the chest of a soldier but there are other things that are often over-looked. 

For example if you are on a battlefield and everyone is wearing the same armour then how do you know who to fight? It's usually the colours and symbols that shows you represent a certain side. Without showing your true colours you are likely to be attacked by anyone and everyone, and I feel very strongly that if we are too hesitant is showing our spiritual colour, we open ourselves to unintentional attacks on our faith from even the best of friends. 

The only other time that a Breastplate is mentioned in the scriptures is in Exodus 28. God commands Moses to make a breastplate in a very specific fashion. Its very ornate and very valuable and was given to Aaron to show to other that he was the priest. This was an outward showing that they were followers of God and dedicated to his work. 

Is it clear whose side we are on? When our friends are in need would they recognise us that "knight in shining armour" that they need? Or are we the last person they turn to, for fear of being injured more?

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